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Mobile application

Mobile application for fast and convenient flower order and delivery


  • catalog with product sections and categories;
  •  search function;
  • product filter;
  • card with product description, picture and functionality, which is realized as buttons or fields;
  • basket;
  • ordering pages;
  • integration with payment systems;
  •  recommendation system, which provides option to increase average bill;
  • feedback function, product ratings;
  • analytics tools, which might be used by sellers;
  • discount cards with anti-fraud protection, which gets read directly from smartphone screen;
  • loyalty program, which keeps webstore customers thanks to bonus, discount and gift programs;
  • support chat, CRM, warehouse software, services for marketing analytics or push-message management;
  • geodata (shopping geography) etc.
Mobile application for the delivery of goods from the IT company Rootapi
Mobile application software
Mobile application software_1

Webshop and integration with Facebook Commerce Manager


  • user automatic registration
  • possibility to make shopping without registration
  • product search
  • filters (per color, size etc.)
  • product sorting
  • product configurator
  • notification about order
  • order management
  • option to choose delivery method
  • payment acceptance system
  • discount coupons
  • minimal order sum
  • free delivery starting with specified sum of order
  • similar products
  • product feed development (related products)
  • automatic picture resizing
  • old price – new price
  • Facebook Pixel settings etc.
Сайт визитка для оператора вендинговых аппаратов

Business card website with minimal functionality and a mobile version for the CUCUPOINT project, an innovative project in the field of product vending. CUCUPOINT is the only operator of vending machines in the Baltic States, which offers a full and varied food for every taste through vending machines

Сайт визитка для оператора вендинговых аппаратов